There are cartoon characters who span the ages, and those who can barely rouse the smallest number of fans. While Mickey and his cartoon brethren continue to stay in the public consciousness, Warner Bros.' classic characters are fading into the oblivion. A handy E-Poll* decided to do some market research on the Looney Tunes characters, and found them to be unrecognizable to many Americans over 13. 68 percent recognized Mike Myers, while only 66 percent recognized Bugs Bunny and 56 percent recognized Daffy Duck. To make things a little more interesting, while Bugs and Daffy are less known, audiences still have a more favorable impression of them (65 for Bugs, 55 for Daffy) than they do Mr. Myers' (52 percent).

What to do?

Why, reinvigorate both careers by grabbing an even more forgotten character and have it played by someone deemed less favorably than the fading characters! Et voila, we get Pepé Le Pew as voiced by Mike Myers.
It might not make sense, but according to Vulture, Warner Bros. is now developing a new live action/CGI movie to bring Le Pew back into the spotlight, with Myers voicing the little stinker himself. In fact, the studio has made the re-introduction of Looney Tunes characters a "high prioirity," so we should expect this project to be more than one random 'Space Jam' type of affair.

To explain Mr. Le Pew to the uninitiated, he's a little French skunk who strolls around gay Paris, wrapped up in l'amour. Unfortunately, since he's a skunk, he stinks and cannot find a mate to frolick with. This has made Le Pew overly aggressive to the point of not knowing that no means no, even if his victim object of affection pummels him. Most of the time, this unwanted attention is placed on Penelope Pussycat, a black feline who often gets a white stripe down her back by accident, setting off his lustful ways.

It'll be interesting to see if they make any attempt to modernize the story's themes about consent, but most likely, not too interesting of a film. We've got a lead voice who isn't looked on as kindly as the forgotten characters, and let us not forget -- Myers' last live action/CGI flick was 'The Cat in the Hat.' Egads.

Is it possible for Le Pew to transcend the seemingly inevitable Le Stink?

*Source: Vulture Article
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