The Social Network

It's still Mark Zuckerberg's world; we just live in it. Despite strong competition from newcomers 'Life as We Know It' and 'Secretariat,' 'The Social Network' topped the box office for the second straight week.

The Facebook drama earned another $15.5 million, according to studio estimates. A modest drop of just 31 percent from last week suggests that 'Social Network,' which has already earned $46.1 million in 10 days, will remain strong at the box office through the next few weeks of the Oscar-hopeful fall drama season.

'Life as We Know It,' which had the widest theater count (3,150 screens) among new releases, opened in second place with an estimated $14.6 million. That's the weakest opening for any Katherine Heigl movie since 'Knocked Up' made her a bankable romantic comedy lead three years ago.