Red UnscriptedBruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, and John Malkovich stopped by Unscripted to talk about their new movie 'Red' and working with an amazing cast including Richard Dreyfuss and Mary Louise Parker.

The three film legends discuss how their new movie mixes action and comedy and how Helen Mirren just showing up on set was enough to blow their minds -- yes, even Freeman.

"Still starstruck," Malkovich said of their leading lady. "...So charming, Helen Mirren, so charming and funny."

Willis also dishes on how he wears a speedo in his next movie 'Catch 44.' Can't wait to see that!
'Red' Unscripted

'Red' Fan Questions

The following questions, submitted by fans like you, were asked during this Unscripted.
  • John:
    What was the most fun you had on the set of this movie?
  • Bruce:
    'Red' has an amazing ensemble cast. Can you tell us how everyone came on board?
  • Morgan:
    What was the most exciting thing about working with Helen Mirren?
  • Bruce:
    Is there anything you've had to do for a role that made you think twice?
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