If you want to get a jump-start on your Halloween plans, then you'll want to head over to Etsy, which has a bunch of awesome memorabilia dedicated to the classic horror movie 'Nightmare on Elm Street.'

Our favorite items: This Freddy Krueger necklace, which allows fans to keep everyone's favorite serial killer close to their hearts; this tiny Freddy statue guaranteed to be cuter than the real deal in any regard; this festive ring matching Freddy's clawed hand; and this simple 'Nightmare' mug to make your morning horrifying.
FreddyEtsy users create their own artistic items like clothing and jewelry and sell them in individual stores so none of the 'Nightmare' memorabilia is official -- but if you love Freddy Krueger, why not let some hard-working independent entrepenuer profit?

Otherwise, one, two, Freddy's coming for you!

Etsy's 'Nightmare on Elm Street' Memorabilia
A Nightmare on Elm Street
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Razor-gloved killer Freddy Krueger (Jackie Earle Haley) hunts teenagers in their dreams. Read More

October 1, 2016
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