Attention 'Star Wars' fans and very early Christmas shoppers:

We've seen people frozen in carbonite cakes, and George Lucas getting a taste of his own carbonite medicine. But carbonite geekery has always been reserved for the artists and super creative types -- the people who know how to make frosting look just so, or are talented at making replicas of people. But now, for a very limited time, fans can get their very own custom carbonites for a really decent price. These little guys are small -- only 4 1/4" high -- but they're affordable, personalized and can get to your house by Christmas if you get your order in on time.

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Nebraska's Paul Pape Designs, a store that offers a whole slew of geek-related items from Mii figurines and WOW cake toppers to companion cube ornaments, is now offering super-cool custom carbonites made of plastic and Super Sculpy. The gifts are 1 3/4" wide, 4 1/4" high and 3/4" thick, and are made to order via pictures (see example below), whether they be in Han Solo's frozen scream from 'The Empire Strikes Back' or a special pose of your choice.

Now here's the good and bad news. Your own custom carbonite will only cost $50 USD plus shipping (yes, he's willing to ship internationally!) -- not a bad price at all for a very personalized gift and piece of hand-sculpted art. The down side, however, is that Pape is limiting the run to 200 pieces, the first batch shipping by mid-November, and the next by mid-December.

So, if you want this prime gift for your 'Star Wars'-loving friend, or all for yourself, you best be speedy.

[via Neatorama]
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