'Jackass 3D' Unscripted InterviewWhenever the 'Jackass' guys get together, you have no idea what might come out of their mouths.

And in the case of our 'Jackass 3D' Unscripted, all we did was turn on the cameras, and Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam Margera, Chris Pontius and Wee Man let fly with ... well, let's just say you might not want young children in the room as you watch this one.

The boys hit all the basic topics: favorite sexual positions, gross stunts, Johnny's worst injury (ouch), the tattoo prank Bam pulled on his girlfriend and "slut hiking" (you don't want to know) -- while also using a whole lot of euphemisms for a certain male body part, including a couple we're pretty sure we'd never heard before. Thanks, guys!

'Jackass 3D' Fan Questions

The following questions, submitted by fans like you, were asked during this Unscripted.
  • Steve-O:
    You've done some of the nastiest stunts I've ever seen. In your opinion, what was the most disgusting one and do you regret doing it?
  • Chris:
    After stepping up the stunts from the first movie to the second, did you feel obligated to take it a step further for the third movie? Were there any stunts you did specifically for 3D?
  • Johnny:
    How many injuries have you had doing the 'Jackass' movies and what was the worst one?
  • Bam:
    You're known for torturing your parents, but what's the worst prank you've ever pulled on a girlfriend?
  • Wee Man:
    Are any of you worried you can't have children after all the shots to the groin?
  • Steve-O:
    How do you guys decide who does what stunt? Is there a pecking order?
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