How to dress up like the Extraction Team from 'Inception' for Halloween:

The Costume:
Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) or any member of his sharply-dressed team of extractors (pictured above, from left: Dileep Rao, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Ken Watanabe).

What You'll Need: A set of duds marked by sumptuous materials, sharp lines, timeless and architectural stylings, various plaids, peaked lapels and neutral palettes with splashes of color. Okay, so if you're like 99% of the population, you probably don't have all of these things in your closet, but the key to a great 'Inception' style is to wear at least one knockout piece so you can fake the rest on the cheap.
This costume can be mixed and matched with thrift store clothing and items you already own or can borrow (your investment-banker friends and your dad are probably your best bets). Try to maintain a style similar to costume designer Jeffrey Kurland's -- a careful balance between vintage and modern -- otherwise you'll end up looking like Mike Brady from 'The Brady Bunch' (hey, he was an architect too!).

Most importantly, if you normally look like you get dressed in the dark, bring a friend along to help pick clothes out. If you're lucky enough to score a three-piece suit or a fancy-pants leather jacket, then kudos to you. The rest of you can spend most of your dough on the smaller items to beef up your look -- silk ties or scarves, for example.

If you want to actually spend some real money (gasp!) American Apparel, Urban Outfitters and H&M have a great selection of stylish and basic pieces (khakis, jackets and more) that you can wear long after Halloween is over. Since the two women of 'Inception' dress quite differently, figure out if you're more of an Ariadne (think casual layers or business dress suits) or Mal (vintage evening gowns and detailed dresses). Repeat exposition questions and psychosis optional.

If you completely missed the beauty of 'Inception's' costume design and want to do the "I'm with Stupid" costume version, then pick up a pair of pajamas or cheap tee and hand paint slogans based on the film across your chest. (The stupid AND slutty version slogans should of course all end in "Go deeper."). If you do any of this, then you deserve only raisins and ambiguous hard candy in your trick-or-treat bag.

Accessories: Use a thrift store briefcase (metal if you can find it, but there's always silver spray paint) to create the dream machine. Slide some thin plastic, rubber, or vinyl tubing from Home Depot or Lowe's (often costs only a few cents per foot) up your sleeve, connected to the briefcase, to make an IV line. Couples can connect themselves together, which might reach the stab-yourself-in-the-eye-level if your partner didn't get the memo about not actually mainlining sleepytime drugs. Make your own totem or just use some stray Monopoly pieces. Toy guns and mondo hair gel finish the look.

Bonus accessory: Tom Hardy -- rawr!

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