When I read this morning's news that the Weinstein Company is appealing the adults-only NC-17 rating given its upcoming 'Blue Valentine,' I felt like it was 1990 all over again. Early in that year, the Weinsteins, who had been fighting the MPAA's skull-and-crossbones "X" rating for years, hired controversial lawyer William Kunstler to sue the MPAA over its refusal to change the X rating given to Peter Greenaway's 'The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover.'

Reporting on that story as both a columnist and the Movie Editor at the Los Angeles Times, I found myself talking to Kunstler not about such heady clients as the Chicago Seven, Catonsville Nine and "Black Panther Party, but whether children under 17 should be prohibited by the MPAA from viewing a movie whose crucial dramatic scene is a dinner at which a mobster is forced to eat the baked flesh (the penis, to be precise) of a man he's just murdered.
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