In 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn,' everything changes. Sex finally comes into play, Bella finally gets what she wants and the story is no longer just Bella's alone -- there's a whole vampiric world that descends upon the small town of Forks. Bella's hybrid child Renesmee polarizes the bloodsuckers, and the Cullens gather a long list of old friends -- human-loving "vegetarians" and human blood drinking vamps alike -- to try and protect her.

At the beginning of the month, the rest of the vegetarian Denali clan was cast, and now Summit has released the massive list of Stephenie Meyer's international vampires. With this announcement, we're close to a full and final cast, and maybe the last casting news we'll hear about, lest Summit spoil the ending for those who've no interest in reading the books.

Check out the insanely long roster, broken into groups, after the jump.
The Amazon Coven
Descendants of an ancient Amazonian tribe, Senna and Zafrina are long and strong Amazonian women who embrace their vampiric ways and scare the pants off Bella. Both are allies of the Cullens, and Zafrina has a particularly cool talent that comes in handy -- she can make anyone see whatever she wants them to, her own created illusions (even nothing at all).

Zafrina will be played by Judi Shekoni, a British actress most known for her work as Precious in the UK series 'EastEnders.' If you dared to watch 'Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties,' you might also remember her as the Tour Guide.

Senna will be played by Tracey Heggins, a relatively new-to-the-scene actress slated to appear in the Mario Van Peebles/50 Cent film, 'Things Fall Apart.'

The Egyptian Coven
Run by an easily worried vampire named Amun who greatly fears Aro and the Volturi, the Egyptian coven is a small group of four -- Amun, his mate Kebi, Benjamin, who Amun made a vampire for his special powers (he can move the elements at will, like air and land), and his mate, Tia.

Joining Rami Malek, who was already cast as Benjamin:

Amun will be played by Omar Metwally, an actor from Queens who's worked on films like 'Munich' and 'Rendition,' as well as Julian Schnabel's latest film, 'Miral.'

Kebi will be played by Andrea Gabriel, known for her work as Nadia on the television series, 'Lost.'

Tia will be played by Angela Sarafyan, an actress of Armenian descent who appeared in 'The Informers' and 'Love Hurts.'

The Irish Coven
A coven created by the large and mesmerizing Siobhan, they are, perhaps, the most civilized coven of (human) blood drinkers. She has a mate named Liam, and another friend/coven mate Maggie, who has the ability to tell when people are lying.

Siobhan will be played by Lisa Howard, a stage actress from musicals like 'South Pacific' and 'Les Miserables.' If her online resume is correct, this will be her first feature film role.

Liam will be played by Patrick Brennan, the son of Eileen Brennan ('Clue'). Patrick played Earl in 'The Black Donnellys.'

Maggie will be played by Marlane Barnes, an actress whose work consists of short films and ultra-indies.Though she has an uncredited part in Terence Malick's 'The Tree of Life,' 'Breaking Dawn' will be her first big-scale, credited gig.

The Romanian Coven
Some of the oldest vampires in existence, Vladimir and Stefan were once the ruling family of the vampire world, until the Volturi took over. Their main focus and passion in life is to see the Volturi be defeated, and they'll do what they can to make that happen.

Vladimir will be played by Noel Fisher, a Canadian actor mainly known for his television roles, as well as cinematic gigs in 'Final Destination 2' and 'Agent Cody Banks.'

Stefan will be played by Guri Weinberg, another actor from 'Munich,' whose last role was Aharon in 'You Don't Mess with the Zohan.'

The American Nomads
The Cullens know a lot of nomads that they can call on for help:

Garrett, a loner vampire dating back to the Revolutionary War, is being played by Lee Pace, as early rumors suggested.

Mary and Randall are both nomads (friends, but not mates). Mary will be played by Toni Trucks, who played Tricia in 'Music and Lyrics.' Randall is being played by Bill Tangradi, who has popped up on a bunch of TV shows like 'Castle' and 'The Good Wife.'

Peter and Charlotte are mates and old friends of Jasper's, dating back to the Southern Vampire Wars and Maria's army of newborns. Peter is being played by Erik Odum, a new actor on the scene who has a few TV credits and indie films under his belt. Charlotte, meanwhile, is being played by Valorie Curry, who played Wallace's girlfriend on 'Veronica Mars.'

The European Nomad
Alistair is a broody nomad who considers Carlisle to be his closest friend (though they only see each other once a century), and he is highly wary of authority. He will be played by Joe Anderson, who recently appeared in 'The Crazies,' and also played Lucy's brother Max in 'Across the Universe.'