Who will make bigger fools of themselves this week: the aging tackling dummies of 'Jackass 3D,' or the aging-thespian action heroes of 'Red'? Read on and decide.

New and Noteworthy: 'Red'

Starring: Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Mary-Louise Parker
Directed by: Robert Schwentke
What It's About: Based on the graphic novel by Warren Ellis and Cully Hammer, this action comedy is about a retired spy (Willis) who finds himself and his former colleagues targeted for assassination. Together, the oldtimers must embark on a daring mission to infiltrate CIA headquarters and clear their names.
Why Should You See It? Because you want to watch classy Oscar winners like Mirren and Freeman pumping streams of bullets out of automatic weapons.
You Might Like It If You Like: 'The Expendables,' 'Live Free or Die Hard,' 'Wanted'
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Unscripted: Video interview
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'Red' - Trailer No. 1

Also New: 'Jackass 3D'

Starring: Johnny Knoxville
Directed by: Jeff Tremaine
What It's About: After 10 years, Knoxville and his increasingly creaky-jointed gang of buffoons are still pulling cartoonish stunts and inflicting bodily harm on themselves for your amusement. But this time, the bruised flesh, male organs and bodily fluids are coming at you in 3-D.
Why Should You See It? Um, because it's been four years since the last 'Jackass' movie, and you just can't wait a minute longer?
You Might Like It If You Like: the first two 'Jackass' movies, the Three Stooges shorts, 'Dumb and Dumber'

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'Jackass 3D' and the MPAA's double standard regarding male nudity
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'Jackass 3D' - Trailer No. 1

In Limited Release

'Hereafter' is a supernatural drama, directed by Clint Eastwood, weaving together three stories about people from around the globe trying to contact the dead. Matt Damon stars. Showtimes & Tickets
'Conviction' is a based-in-fact drama about a waitress (Hilary Swank) who spends 18 years working to free her wrongly convicted brother (Sam Rockwell), earning a law degree and becoming a DNA expert in the process. Showtimes & Tickets

Still in Theaters, Still Awesome

•'Secretariat' - Is Diane Lane's horse-racing drama this year's 'Blind Side'? Maybe not, but it sure seems to push all the right inspirational family sports drama buttons. Showtimes & Tickets
•'The Social Network' - Sick of hearing about the Facebook movie yet? Neither are we. Showtimes & Tickets
'Inside Job' - Can't catch Matt Damon in 'Hereafter'? You can still hear him narrate this incisive documentary explaining clearly how the Wall Street meltdown of two years ago occurred - and who's to blame. Showtimes & Tickets

Staying In This Weekend?

New on DVD This Week: This year's first big animation hit, 'How to Train Your Dragon' has something for everyone, young and old, boys and girls. Time to catch up with Hiccup the Viking and his fire-breathing pals. Buy or rent the DVD | More new DVD releases

Movie Homework: Don't think that 65-year-old, Oscar-winning, Queen Elizabeth II-portraying Helen Mirren can be a badass in 'Red'? She actually has a lot of experience, from the many seasons she spent playing detective Jane Tennison on 'Prime Suspect' to the killer she played in 'Shadowboxer' to the gang moll she played way back when in 'The Long Good Friday.' But her most fearsome role may have been as warrior sorceress Morgana in the 1981 Camelot saga 'Excalibur,' where she seduces her brother Arthur, tricks wizard Merlin into trapping himself forever in a crystal cave, and helps her son Mordred lead a rebellion. After all that, slinging bullets alongside Bruce Willis while still looking regal ought to be a piece of cake. Buy or rent the DVD

On My Netflix Queue: How delighted am I by the news that Whit Stillman is finally back behind the camera, directing another comedy about snooty young people (the collegiate caper 'Damsels in Distress,' starring Adam Brody and Greta Gerwig)? So delighted that I'm eager to watch the 'Metropolitan' director's last movie, 1998's 'The Last Days of Disco,' once again. It's a wistful movie about a bygone era of youthful promise, featuring such young stars-to-be as Chloe Sevigny, Kate Beckinsale, and Robert Sean Leonard (and should-have-been-bigger stars like Chris Eigeman and Matt Keeslar), and wittily directed by a filmmaker who shouldn't have been absent from the screen for this long. Buy or rent the DVD

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