Over the last ten years, Bruce Banner's green beast has celebrated a wobbly resurgence, morphing from the iconic small-screen mixture of Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno to a modern feature film with Eric Bana, and then another big feature only a few years later with Edward Norton. As if that wasn't enough, 'The Avengers' is now giving Hulk yet another chance to shine on the big screen, this time with Mark Ruffalo as the plagued Banner.

But the Incredible Hulk cannot be confined to a mere movie. Yet another live-action incarnation is on the way, but this time it won't hulk out and fight for cinematic dominance. Instead, Banner's dangerous alter-ego will be smashing the small screen.
Deadline reports that ABC is in the "very early stages of development" on a live-action series of 'The Incredible Hulk.' They haven't nabbed a writer yet, but this is part of the big Marvel Television push after the comics giant was acquired by Disney (ABC's parent company) last year.

Considering the fact that news bubbled up earlier this month about Wonder Woman getting a new series of her own, with the help of television wonder man David E. Kelley, ABC will probably move quickly with this idea, lest the Hulk be seen as a follower and not a raging mass of trendsetting flesh. The question is whether we're about to see a marked shift in television programming. We get a lot of crime-fighting programs, but will the superheroes descend and take that adventure away from the mere mortals? Can these guys thrive on the big screen like they did in the '70s? Or should they be shackled to the big screen?

And what of the Hulk himself? It'll be a live-action show, but will they go the CG route like the films, or the Ferrigno route of seventies television? And, as one of the superheroes most struggling to find a solid audience, will the Hulk face the same troubles on the small screen, or will he thrive on the boob tube?

If Hulk gets to be human and not CG, let's hope he gets to battle a bear once again!

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