It's probably the least likely story you've ever heard, but McG (he of noisy actioners and awful storytelling) has joined with Richard Branson (he of delayed trains and lousy inflight meals) to make a film about the life of Christopher Columbus (he of a penchant for slavery and 'discovering' America).

Entrepreneur Branson, whose Virgin brand is on everything from cola cans to spacecrafts, launched Virgin Produced earlier this year, and picked up this script by T.S. Nowlin - simply titled 'Columbus' - as one of its first acquisitions. Deadline reports that it's a '300'-style retelling of the story of Columbus's discovery of America, which should allow McG to fall back on his familiar staples: silly camera angles and a fondness for post-production color grading.
Columbus, of course, famously set sail to discover another passage to Asia, and stumbled upon the New World in the middle. The Santa Maria ran aground on his first voyage, and it's believed this trip brought syphilis back from the New World. But it's not exactly 'Terminator: Salvation' is it? Perhaps McG is lining up an encounter with a Kraken or some sort of crossover involving Johnny Depp and a Keith Richards impression. It's the right part of the world, after all...

Columbus did get into some scrapes, mind you. While many of the indigenous populations he came across were friendly (and easy to enslave), the Cigauyos of the Samana Peninsula fired arrows at the voyage and Columbus kidnapped 25 of them. When the Santa Maria was wrecked on the voyage, it was used to establish a settlement on Haiti, but when Columbus returned for his second voyage he found the settlement destroyed by natives. Silly future slaves...

Virgin Produced are currently busy on their first production, making a raunchy R-rated comedy which collects together 18 short films from directors including Peter Farrelly. Various segments star Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Elizabeth Banks, Kristen Bell, Richard Gere, Julianne Moore, Naomi Watts and Emma Stone.

Do you think McG can succeed with a Christopher Columbus movie where others have failed?
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