Well, this is unfortunate. Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Borat' -- a mockuentary about a Kazakh man who journeys west in what becomes a hunt for Pam Anderson's love -- was a shocking and nervy comedy phenomenon, one that painted a portrait of a country as hilarious as it was deeply unflattering. That country, of course, being America, not Kazakhstan. 'Borat's genius was that it twisted a certain brand of American xenophobia against itself, wringing belly laughs from the sight of people being suckered by their own ignorance. But not everybody saw it that way.

One of the people who found the film's depiction of Kazakhstan and its people to be humiliating rather than hysterical is Kazakh director Erkin Rakishev, and we've now learned that he's prepared to fight back and repair his homeland's reputation the only way he knows how: by making a movie. More specifically, Rakishev is making an unauthorized 'Borat' sequel titled 'My Brother, Borat,' which naturally follows Borat's brother Bilo, who has apparently escaped from the cage in which his family imprisoned him. Follow the jump for some damning video evidence.
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