The phrase "only in New York" gets thrown around way too much, but this is one of those rare times, when it's the only thing we can say ...

Only in New York could the Moviefone staff walk outside and look across the street to see Gary Busey aggressively selling pizza to a double-decker bus full of sightseers. Only in New York could we see Lil Jon standing on top of van, shouting for everyone to buy a slice of pepperoni.

Only in New York could Donald Trump turn your typical corner lunch shop into his reality freak show, 'The Celebrity Apprentice.'
The men of the upcoming season of 'Celebrity Apprentice' were busy peddling hot slices of pizza -- with a side order of garlic bread -- all in the name of charity at the corner of Broadway and 8th.

Since details on the new season are still under tight security, here's what we uncovered:

Busey, Lil Jon and country star John Rich roved the streets outside hoping to get customers, who were looking to come in from the miserable weather outside.

'Partridge Family' member David Cassidy, baseball player Jose Canseco, 'Sugar Ray' frontman Mark McGrath and 'Survivor' winner Richard Hatch manned the ovens at Famous Famiglia Pizzeria, while Meat Loaf tended to the register. No word on what the female members of this year's cast were doing, but it was probably something quiet and unassuming.

With scores of on-lookers hoping to get some food, this will probably be the first time in recorded history that it will take more than 60 seconds to wait for a slice of New York pizza.

Gary Busey also took time out of his busy schedule to speak loudly and uncomfortably close to a small, confused child.

'Celebrity Apprentice' will begin airing in March 2011. For detailed coverage of the upcoming season, as well as all your general television needs, stay tuned to our friends at TV Squad.

And here's one last photo for the road, proving that you when you want to eat a slice of greasy, sauce-covered, melted cheese, you want it hand-delivered to you by an Academy Award-nominated actor.

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