Convicted drug dealer Franklin Meyer recently told 'Life & Style' magazine that Angelina Jolie is not so different from her role as the drug-addicted model Gia. He claims to be Jolie's former drug dealer and says that the actress was high on coke when she spoke with Charlie Rose in 2000 to promote her film 'Girl, Interrupted.' Meyer told the magazine that he met Jolie in 1997 at the Chelsea Hotel in New York and apparently continued to do so several times a week where "she would generally spend about $100 each time" on coke and heroin. So far Jolie's reps aren't saying anything, but the Charlie Rose interview is making the rounds again. You can watch it after the jump.
Watch Angelina Jolie on 'Charlie Rose' in 2000

Jolie talks to the talk show host about her family, tattoos and how hard it was to "let go" of certain roles -- including the role of Gia in the 1998 HBO movie and Lisa in 1999's 'Girl, Interrupted.' She describes adopting the characters as new parts of her personality, and explains that the role of Amelia in 'The Bone Collector' didn't offer her the same kind of personal freedom she felt with Lisa.

The actress was twenty-four at the time of the interview and while she wasn't brand-spanking new to acting, her rambling could easily be taken for nervous enthusiasm. Either way, a story about a Hollywood star doing drugs isn't exactly a newsflash, and if this did happen, it was ten years ago. In the meantime, Jolie has committed herself to humanitarian causes and raising a family. Meyer, on the other hand, has been to jail and appears to be looking for some notoriety and a payday. Does it even matter if he's telling the truth?
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