Some of the best horror films have been based on true events. 'Psycho,' 'Jaws,' 'The Amityville Horror' and 'The Exorcist' were all inspired by stories anyone could have read about in the newspaper at the time. Audiences are often more terrified if they think the events in fright fests can actually happen to them.

Since horror can be a limiting genre, Hollywood is constantly on the make for new storylines to scare people. We don't know for sure, but we'd be willing to bet studios are currently shopping scripts concerning these recent newsmakers: bedbug infestations, oil spills, miners trapped in mines, a vampire-obsessed couple drinking a homeless man's blood and hoarders.

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The Bedbug Horror Movie -- Proposed Title: 'While You Sleep'
The film begins in the present as the bedbug resurgence continues to expand across the globe. Scientists develop stronger chemicals to fight their spread; however, those soon cause the bedbugs to mutate. Instead of merely drinking human blood, they begin burrowing through skin to live inside of people. As the bugs eat away at their insides, humans go mad and the world descends into chaos. Luckily, a sexy entomologist (Naomi Watts) discovers the cure -- but needs a former hockey star (Woody Harrelson) to help her save the day.

The BP Disaster Horror Movie -- Proposed Title: 'The Spill'
Bending to the will of environmentalists, oil companies begin treating their product with an additive that makes cars more fuel-efficient. However, when a tanker runs aground and spills oil into the Arctic Ocean, a horrifying chemical reaction occurs. Hudreds of affected polar bears, seals, walruses, fish and whales suddenly evolve thousands of years forward in just moments. They're now smarter than humans, can all survive on dry land and they're really, really pissed. It's up to one well-armed small-town Alaskan sheriff (Todd Palin's acting debut) to eradicate the threat.

The Chilean Miners Horror Movie -- Proposed Title: 'Devil 2'
The trailer for 'Devil' caused the audience to laugh when M. Night Shyamalan's name appeared onscreen. However, it made money at the box office, so why not a sequel? It place deep in a coalmine in Pennsylvania, where a cave-in has trapped 20 miners. People from above are able to send them supplies, but the characters keep dying one by one. A suspended FBI agent (Gillian Anderson) is desperately trying to solve the mystery behind what is killing the miners -- because one of them is her husband (Josh Duhamel)! However, his mystical mistress (Michelle Rodriguez) already knows who the killer is: It's Satan.

The Vampire Landlords Horror Movie -- Proposed Title: 'Twi-hard'
In the vein of 'Scream,' that famously self-aware slasher flick, comes Wes Craven's latest thriller. Police in a small Arizona town cannot figure out why homeless people keep turning up dead with bite marks and a lot of blood loss. The locals get really scared when a high school cheerleader (Megan Fox) turns up murdered in the same manner. A bookish prude (Lea Michele) suspects her boyfriend (Justin Bieber) may be a little too into 'Twilight.' Is he behind the killings? And can she survive his blood thirst? Can anyone?

The Hoarders Horror Movie -- Proposed Title: 'The Things That I Will Keep'
A compulsive hoarder (Steve Buscemi) wakes up in a storage facility filled with old magazines, broken collectibles, worn clothing, etc. As he's trying to figure out how he and his many possessions got there, the ceiling opens and in drops his sister (Jane Adams). They haven't spoken in years because she is a neat freak and disgusted by his lifestyle. She surmises their captor is the so-called Pack Rat Killer, a man who has been setting elaborate traps for hoarders. As the air in the storage area runs out, the siblings have to work together to put solve a complex puzzle buried within the stuff. If they do so, they'll save their loved ones from being crushed by heavy, toppling boxes.
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