Sandra Bullock redefined female success in 2009. Her work in 'The Blind Side' earned her an Oscar for Best Actress, just as she won a Razzie for her widely panned romcom 'All About Steve,' which she accepted as a good sport. But her success went beyond statuesque rewards. 'The Proposal' earned piles of money -- a $40 million budget leading to a gross of over $300 million. Her success made her the top money-making star of 2009, and she became the first actress to have a film that grossed over $200 million marketed with her name solely above the title.

Naturally, that would suggest that she should once again team up with 'Proposal' director Anne Fletcher, and it looks like she is, in a project that somehow mixes disco dancing and the story of a woman dumped by her husband after years of marriage.
The Hollywood Reporter
posts that Fletcher and Bullock's currently untitled project, written by Pamela Falk and Michael Ellis (scribes of 'The Wedding Planner'), is brewing over at Warner Bros., with Adam Shankman and Jennifer Gibgot producing. Plot details are being held very close to the vest, but their vague description of the film is brow-raising.

The film is said to be a project that combines 'Saturday Night Fever' with the 1978 Paul Mazursky film 'An Unmarried Woman.' However, though both of these films are from the seventies, Fletcher's film will be a contemporary-set project. That's all they're revealing at this point, so let's look at the source film's plots:

'Fever' focuses on a teen kid who lives for dancing at the local disco. By day, he works a crappy job at a paint store, but by night, he's the king of the disco. He gets a sexy dance partner with big aspirations, and the pair train for the club's dance competition.

'Woman' zeroes in on the life of a woman dumped by her husband for a younger lady (which may sound a bit too familiar for Bullock, considering her recent troubles off screen). Newly single, she tries to get used to the dating life once again, which leads to her discovery of freedom and sexual liberation.

Does Sandra get dumped by her man and find some modern disco club to dance at, where her partner hits on her in ugly disco clothing? Was she a disco dance fiend in the '70s who met her husband through a dance contest, but got dumped thirty years later, left to find the seventies liberation she missed?

Any guesses on how disco dance contests and divorcé liberation will come together in modern day life?

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