Vince Pace, director of photography on the Los Angeles unit of 'Avatar', told Cinematical that Michael Bay's upcoming 'Transformers 3', now titled 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon', is being both shot and post-converted in 3D. "We're doing Transformers with Michael Bay, and that's a big challenge because he's not the kind of director that's going to give you a break," Pace said to reporters Tuesday. "But he met it halfway and he said, look, it complements my product, and I want to incorporate this into my shooting style."

Pace spoke to reporters at the Los Angeles press day for the new 'Avatar' 3-Disc Special Edition Blu-ray. He confirmed that both processes were being used on the 'Transformers' sequel, and observed that filmmakers can make good use of either of them as long as the circumstances are right. "They're doing both," he revealed. "[But] once we win that – once they know you're putting a better product on the screen, then you're working as a team. I think the dimensionalization quotient, if you will, can work if you have enough time, if you have the right talent behind it, and some money to back it, you're in a good place to work in it. Because it's part art, part time, and it's part technology."
Pace also said that a big part of the problems filmmakers previously experienced with the post-conversion process was due to a lack of preparation, as well as a lack of understanding how intricate the process actually is. "This theory of just push-button [3D] in the context of a film that you already have an allotted amount for 2D, the fact that you're going to convert it into 3D, I think people are beginning to realize that's not as great an option as it once was thought to be," he observed. "Avatar kind of elevated us to say, now we have a 3D camera to go shoot a 3D movie, and you can make the money of Avatar. [But] I do feel that if you have the proper amount of time, given a 'Lord of the Rings' or 'Star Wars,' and if you put the right team together, you can make good product."

Recently an Amazon product description popped up online for 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon', providing us with a loose synopsis for the third film. It read, "In this new movie, the Autobots and Decepticons become involved in a perilous space race between the US and Russia, and once again human Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) has to come to the aid of his robot friends."

'Transformers 3' hits theaters on July 1st, 2011.
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
PG-13 2011
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Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) once again joins the battle between Autobots and Decepticons. Read More