Ben Affleck
may have launched into orbit with 'Armageddon' in 1998, but only now is he finally back on top of the world where he belongs. It's been a long and circuitous road -- one riddled with potholes the size of Jennifer Lopez -- but with the modest yet complete success of 'The Town' (for which Affleck both directed and acted), the charming and uncommonly bright movie star has finally regained full control over a career that once seemed beyond hope.

For such an icon to ascend from the dubious likes of 'Gigll' and 'Surviving Christmas' to being the face of solid, original adult fare like 'The Town' is a "there and back again" story so epic and unlikely it makes Frodo's journey to Mordor seem like a walk in the park. So what's Affleck's next move? What does he do to cement his position in the Hollywood firmaments? Affleck has been working for about 20 years to make good on his potential, and Deadline is reporting that he's found a script that's done the same.
Ken Grimwood first published his novel 'Replay' in 1987, and Hollywood came calling shortly thereafter. 'Replay' tells the story of a 43 year-old radio journalist who suffers a fatal heart attack only to wake up 25 years earlier in his 18 year-old body with all of his adult memories intact. All seems well and good until he becomes 43 for a second time and suffers from another bout of the same body-shifting episode. And repeat. And repeat. Etc...

It's a nifty tale and the novel has developed a reserved legion of fans since its debut, but the pieces never came together for a movie, and passing similarities with 1993's 'Groundhog Day' may have convinced those involved that their window had closed. But Jason Smilovic -- a T.V. writer with the mediocre 'Lucky Number Slevin' as his only film credit -- has supposedly resuscitated the project by delivering a new take on the tale that has Hollywood in a tizzy.

Affleck recently took a meeting with Smilovic and the film's producers. Notes were passed (definitely), giggles were shared (probably), Affleck reluctantly performed his "Retainer" monologue from 'Good Will Hunting' to wide-eyed applause (probably not) and the meeting ended with Smilovic preparing for a second draft. It's unknown whether Affleck is in talks to star, direct, or both, but given his age (perfect for the lead character) and his current stature, we think it would be foolish to not seek his full involvement.

What say you? Do you think that after only two quality films Affleck has earned the trust of the studios and the right to spearhead projects that other, more creatively distinguished filmmakers might want for themselves? Or do you think that the man who brought us the clip below is beyond all reproach? We're especially curious as to what those who've read 'Replay' make of all this, and if they can see Affleck in the lead role. More Ben Affleck News on PopEater

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