How to dress up like the guys from 'Hot Tub Time Machine' for Halloween:

The Costume:
The guys from 'Hot Tub Time Machine.'

What You'll Need: In the film, four characters -- above, from left to right: Nick (Craig Robinson), Lou (Rob Corddry), Adam (John Cusack) and Jacob (Clark Duke) -- travel back in time. Start by choosing the character you most resemble.

Once you've selected, go online and order an inflatable baby pool. They're available on multiple websites but will be hard to find in stores since it's no longer summer. Choose one that is around 3 feet in diameter and does not fill up with air in the bottom. This will be your 'hot tub.' Using scissors, cut a hole in the bottom of the pool large enough to accommodate your waist. Next, attach two pieces of rope to either side with duct tape. Make sure they're long enough to sit comfortably on your shoulders because you'll wear it like hobos used to wear barrels. Spray paint the entire pool light brown, to replicate the wood color of the movie's hot tub.
Now put together an amazing '80s costume. For Nick, buy a retro black high-top wig from an online store. He wears a red union suit to bed, but you could also try old school hip-hop gear. Lou is more the hair metal guy, so get a long brown wig, make it greasy and find a retro Mötley Crüe T-shirt. Adam is a prep, so think Zach Morris garb. If you can find an '80s-style skiing outfit on eBay or in a thrift store, that would be amazing for him. As for Adam's nephew, Jacob, pick him if you happen to be chubby, wear glasses and have longish hair. Just wear your regular clothes with the tub, because Jacob is too young to be from the 1980s.

Accessories: Plenty of beer and liquor bottles scattered inside your tub will definitely add to this costume. Also, take an empty energy drink can, wrap blank paper around it and draw "Chernobly." That is the illegal Russian energy drink the gang spills to send themselves back in time. If you really want to go crazy, line the bottom of the pool with cellophane to approximate water.

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