- Louise Fletcher, Louis Gosset Jr., Ed Asner and Fionnula Flanagan have all been cast in 'The Home,' a horror movie written and directed by Kristoffer Aaron Morgan and Eric Vespe about the denizens of a not-too-ordinary nursing home. Above is a piece of concept art designed by Weta for the film.

- Shock Till You Drop are reporting that the 'Hellraiser' remake will be written by Todd Farmer and directed by Patrick Lussier, the pair responsible for both 'My Bloody Valentine 3-D' and the upcoming 'Drive Angry 3D.' Shock's report also says that the pair's attachment absolutely means that Dimension will not be going the PG-13 route.

- The union boycott threatening production of 'The Hobbit' in New Zealand has been called off, but according to producer/director Peter Jackson, the damage has already been done and the studio is still looking to move the production elsewhere.

- 'Lives of the Saints,' which sounds like a 'Crash'-esque story of intertwining lives of a group of people live in L.A., has cast Meg Ryan, John Lithgow, Joe Anderson, Kat Dennings and 50 Cent.

- 'Blade Runner' fan Rick Ross made the sweet chess set (seen above) modeled after the same set that J.F. Sebastian (William Sanderson) owns in the film.

- Paramount Digital Entertainment, the web-based arm of Paramount Pictures, will be launching a 'Zoolander' animated series called 'Billy Glimmer: Entertainer of the Century.' Ben Stiller is producing and lending his voice to the shorts.

- The Alamo Drafthouse has launched its own movie blog, Badass Digest. Devin Faraci (formerly of CHUD) will oversee the new site as its Editor-in-Chief

- AMC have shared legendary effects master Greg Nicotero's short film, 'United Monster Talent Agency,' for all to enjoy. [via AICN]

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