We've had about a month to imagine what a Steven Spielberg-directed 'Terminator' movie might look like. In September, rumor circulated that the filmmaker was considering a project at DreamWorks called 'Robopocalypse,' about a seemingly Skynet-like uprising of machines, as a possible directorial gig. Deadline has since confirmed he will indeed tackle this blockbuster with a starting date as soon as January. The studio will distribute through Disney's Touchstone Pictures in 2013.

'Robopocalypse' is to be based on a book by Daniel H. Wilson ('How to Build a Robot Army;' 'How to Survive a Robot Apocalypse') that won't even be published until next June. But DreamWorks received the epic sci-fi work in sections and had it storyboarded and designed little by little, while screenwriter Drew Goddard ('Cloverfield') would subsequently adapt these bits and pieces. Sounds like a machine-like process itself.
Spielberg has previously worked with evil machines in 'A.I.: Artificial Intelligence,' 'Minority Report' and the 'Transformers' movies, the last of which he only produced. And following his very classic 'Jaws,' his very beloved 'Jurassic Park' and his very underrated 'War of the Worlds,' this should continue his great tradition of movies about giant things attacking humans.

Given the titles of Wilson's two 'How to' guides, it's presumable that 'Robopocalypse' will have a 'Jurassic Park'-like structure. Of course, the dinosaurs weren't created as protectors first. Interestingly enough, Wilson also has another book coming out soon, this one for children, that also sounds very Spielberg-esque: 'A Boy and His Bot.'

Spielberg has two films in post-production that will be released before 'Robopocalypse,' both at the end of 2011: 'The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn'and 'War Horse.'