Sandra BullockThey've already demonstrated their on-screen chemistry by kissing in public, and now two of the biggest movie stars in the world are taking their relationship one step further. Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock are attached to star in the next movie from Michael Patrick King, the writer/director behind the mega-successful 'Sex and the City' films. And, as if that's not enough to merit attention, Oprah Winfrey will also be starring in the project, which is currently without a title.

What we do know is that the film is a comedy that revolves around a "Home Shopping"-style network as the characters deal with "marketing, marriages and the media," according to a prepared statement from Universal Pictures. King took plenty of heat from critics for 'Sex and the City' and, especially, 'Sex and the City 2,' but they've earned more than $700 million worldwide in box office receipts. Those kind of numbers make his first non-'Sex' comedy a hot commodity.
Bullock jokingly kissed Streep at the 2010 Critics' Choice Awards, which is an indication of the friendly relationship they enjoyed while "competing" for the Best Actress Academy Award that Bullock eventually won for 'The Blind Side.' Both of them obviously have great comedy chops, both have now won Academy Awards, and both are at high points in their respective careers, which makes for a kind of dream team pairing. Which would make for the latest dream team pairing involving Streep, who has also been linked to a mother/daughter dramatic project with Julia Roberts and a different mother/daughter comedy/drama project with Tina Fey.

Winfrey has been absent from the big screen since 1998's 'Beloved' -- aside from voice roles -- so joining a mini-ensemble in what promises to be lighthearted entertainment seems like a wise move as a way to reintroduce her to movie audiences, now that her syndicated television show is in its final season. Of course, she's demonstrated good comic timing in guest spots on other TV shows for years.

The wild card is King. Away from the safety and security of the 'Sex and the City' universe, can he make magic happen with three big stars? Time will tell. What do you think?
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