On October 2, Kanye West changed the scope of musical performances on 'Saturday Night Live.' Rather than the simple classic background, he performed in front of a white, back-lit sheet as ballerinas and dancers contorted around him. But it wasn't just some peace offering to make up for ill feelings between the artist and the long-running show -- it was the epic precursor to 'Runaway,' his half-hour music video/short film.

Yes, folks: Mr. West decided to channel some good ol' Michael Jackson and create his own epic music video. But whereas the King of Pop would create stories that could often stand up on their own -- like the epic, zombie-loving "Thriller" -- Kanye's is little more than snarky metaphor housed in a subtle, two-tonne hammer.
'Runaway' sees West driving around without a care in the world until a phoenix falls to the ground, covered in flames. Naked, save some perfectly placed feathers to hide nipples and nethers, she's introduced to West's Earthly life. Bunnies, deer and other wildlife frolic in his yard, and his first lesson -- the "first rule in this world, baby" -- is that you don't pay attention to anything you see in the news.

From there Ms. Phoenix and her husky human partner attend an impromptu parade and a troublesome Thanksgiving dinner before she realizes that Earth isn't for her, and she'd rather burn herself flying off the planet than let herself assimilate and turn to stone. It really is a hard-knock life.

Oh, the delicious lack of subtlety. A young boy runs around with red smoke and a white, pointed cap. Well-dressed friends sit down for an epic dinner and shun the weird, barely-dressed lady on West's arm. He even serves a fully feathered turkey to the table, right in front of Ms. Phoenix herself. The tale seems one small step away from a tar and feathering.

Check out the massive metaphor-fest for yourself below.

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