Everyone wants to watch horror movies as Halloween grows closer, trouble is horror movies aren't for everyone. By its very nature, it's a genre filled with material that's meant to shock, disturb and otherwise provoke its audience. But what about the young film fans out there? Don't they deserve to have something edgy but age-appropriate to watch when they get back from trick or treating? Of course they do, which is why Moviefone has compiled a list of ten "horror movies" that a family can watch together.

Now what defines a family-friendly horror movie? First off, it can't be rated higher than PG-13, and it is even preferable that the film be rated PG or below. That means no nudity, no gore and minimal violence and foul language. Secondly, by "horror" we simply mean any movie that may contain edgier, Halloween-friendly material.

To help further provide information on these films, we've also included the Common Sense Rating (where available), as well as any notable scenes or themes that may still surprise youngsters (and parents) despite the rating.
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