How to dress like one of the characters from 'Tron' for Halloween:

The Costume:
The neon-lit "Users" from the 1982 Disney classic 'Tron,' who are inside a software system's mainframe fighting alongside human Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) to thwart the plans of the evil Master Control Program, which intends to break into military mainframes and control the world.

What You'll Need:
If creating the most authentic, eye-catching 'Tron' costume is your objective then you've come to the right place. Thanks to the Internet meme, "Tron Guy," we have a starting point, but with the sequel 'TRON: Legacy' slated to open in December, many of you may want to upgrade.
Tron (1982)
To build a costume like the one Jeff Brides or Bruce Boxleitner wore in 'Tron,' start with the basics. For the skin-tight suit, which should be light grey, you'll have to decide whether to construct it using a dorky unitard or one of those two-piece Spandex outfits that runners wear. Either way, we strongly suggest that you do a good, hard set of crunches before putting the suit on. For the protective headgear, you should use a hockey helmet (take off the chin strap and face guard).

Now to the hard part: adding the flourescent blue lines to the costume. To create the look of your body being outlined in an elaborate set of circuitry, buy some kind of blue paint that will work well on fabric and plastic (as you'll have to paint designs on your suit, helmet and Frisbee). The best way to get the straightest, crispest lines on your costume is to outline your design first with masking tape then paint within those lines you've created. When this is complete and the paint is dry you should then paint over the blue lines with blue glow-in-the-dark paint (which should last over four hours). A ratty pair of tennis shoes that you can paint grey will complete the look.

Tron: Legacy (2010)
If you'd like to be ahead of the trend, try the sleeker 'TRON: Legacy' look. As you've seen in the trailer, the light grey look of the "User" has now shifted to black (a tight-fitting leather/imitation leather jacket, black pants and black sneakers should suffice). Wearing a helmet is no longer a necessity with the new version, but the biggest change is that you should use EL wire (electroluminescent wire) to freshen up the circuitry on your body. This is a bit more complex than buying some Spandex and fabric paint. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to add EL wire to clothes. If you have the time, patience and tools to pull it off, you're certain to be the biggest hit at your Halloween party.

Tron: Legacy

Accessories: Unless you're independently wealthy and can trick out your motorcycle with EL wire (which we do not recommend) or want to walk around with a jai alai basket on your hand the whole evening, the Frisbee is the only accessory you'll need, especially if you can affix it to your back. Buy a white one and use the blue paint you bought for your clothes to paint rings starting from the outside of the disc and going into the center (once again use masking take to map out your design). Four circles should do the trick. When it dries, paint it over with the glow-in-the-dark paint. If you're doing the 'TRON: Legacy' look you should go with a black Frisbee, as pictured above.

TRON: Legacy
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Sam (Garrett Hedlund), son of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges),finds himself in his father's cyberworld. Read More

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A video-game designer (Jeff Bridges) becomes part of an evil superuser's software inside a computer. Read More

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