The 'Yellow Submarine' remake is on, according to director Robert Zemeckis.

He told Moviefone on the 'Back to the Future' 25th Anniversary red carpet that the film was "all ahead full," in submarine speak, but wouldn't give any further details.
Still, our careful interpretation of the phrase "all ahead full" yields the following as the only possible explanation: It's a go.

The Disney reboot of the Beatles' 1968 psychedelic classic is rumored to be a 3D performance-capture version of the film, starring Cary Elwes (as George Harrison), Peter Serafinowicz (Paul McCartney), Dean Lennox Kelly (John Lennon) and Adam Campbell (Ringo Starr). The film is scheduled for release in 2012.

The last solid news reported was that Zemeckis was "negotiating" to cast the film with those actors, but we've heard curiously little since then. David Tennant asserted, in a recent interview on 'The Paul O'Grady Show,' that the movie was dead in the water. "I don't think it's happening anymore," he said, responding to questions about his auditioning for the role of Queen of the Blue Meanies. "I think the film has gone away." Meanwhile, Elwes was telling MTV that the movie will start shooting in April 2011.

Given the conflicting (and rare) reports, Zemeckis's statement to us -- while coy -- seems fairy definitive. Sky of blue and sea of green, dead ahead.
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