Bob Gale, co-creator of the 'Back to the Future' trilogy, has been kind to Moviefone and Cinematical lately; he gave a great interview recently about the films' legacy.

But we never knew he was so Internet-savvy and cool until last night at the 'Back to the Future' 25th Anniversary party in New York City.

We'll explain: Back in 2006, Chocolate Cake City, a sketch comedy troupe from Boston's Emerson College, created a 'Back to the Future' trailer recut to look like 'Brokeback Mountain' starring Marty McFly and Doc Brown. Thus, 'Brokeback to the Future' was born.

'Brokeback to the Future'

The homoerotic re-imagining of the 1985 classic went viral, making it onto MTV and the Huffington Post and into Entertainment Weekly. (Full disclosure: this blogger joined Chocolate Cake City during the mayhem and was a member until 2009.)

So naturally, asking Gale if he'd seen 'Brokeback to the Future' was a risk that needed taking. And it paid off! Gale said he loves the parody and that he regularly sends it out to friends.

Great Scott! What a good sport!

Bob Gale LOVES 'Brokeback to the Future'

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