These days it seems like 'Top Gun 2' is making more news than the New York Times. Last week we brought you word that Paramount had offered Tony Scott the chance to helm a sequel to his iconic 1986 film (an offer that Scott has since publicly accepted), and that 'Usual Suspects' scribe Christopher McQuarrie would be tasked with writing the script. It was reported at the time that Tom Cruise would reprise his performance as ace pilot Maverick, but that the role would be dramatically reduced this time around, if not in a completely obvious fashion. Well, it turns out that "Supporting Role" simply isn't in the movie star's vocabulary ('Magnolia' doesn't count because that movie supported him, and 'Lions for Lambs' doesn't count because I'm pretty sure you just made it up). McQuarrie -- in an effort to set the record straight -- clarified matters via an e-mail to Vulture this afternoon that, "There is no 'Top Gun 2' in which Maverick is not the starring role."

So there ya have it. Cruise's status might be withering a bit from its former glory, but the sequel machine is firing on all cylinders and the star has no interest in taking a backseat to Taylor Lautner a younger actor. Just this summer 'Knight & Day' proved that he can carry a movie as well as ever (it was good, people), even if it didn't prove it to quite as many people as Cruise and Twentieth Century Fox might have liked. 'Mission Impossible IV' is already well into production (and likely to go as far as director Brad Bird takes it), and of all the other Cruise sequels rumored to be in development, 'Top Gun 2' is perhaps the one best prepared to accommodate for the star's waning appeal.
No release date has been announced, and as for what the impending sequel might be titled, 'Top Gunner' is the current favorite according to the results of an informal poll conducted between the author of this post and no one else.

Happy that Cruise isn't going to be riding shotgun in the sequel? Is there a chance that McQuarrie's quote was intentionally vague because another actor is going to be playing the role of Maverick after all? Do you have a better title? Do you feel the need? The need... for speed? If yes, you should probably follow the jump.
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