ACME, the fictional company of the Looney Tunes universe best known for their faulty catapults and defective TNT, is getting its own movie.

Warner Bros. has bought a pitch from Kevin and Dan Hageman which will, in some capacity, take place in the ACME warehouse, home of products that tend to not do their job and result in animated coyotes falling off cliffs or being blown to ash or being crushed by boulders. This looks to be the first big project for the Hageman brothers, whose present IMDB pages are nothing to brag about (Kevin was an "assistant" on the 1999 comedy 'Mystery Men'). Naturally, the details of the pitch are under wraps, but here's The Hollywood Reporter has to say:

"The plan is to make a live-action CG hybrid featuring the many outlandish devices of the company in a tone that recalls the Amblin pics of the 1980s or a Men in Black-style movie. It will not feature the Looney Tunes characters."

The big head-scratcher here is the lack of Looney Tunes, particularly since Warner Bros. doesn't seem to be doing much with those iconic characters at the moment. (The last time we saw them in a major capacity was in Joe Dante's underrated 'Looney Tunes: Back in Action'). The initial idea sounds like a riff on 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?', where human characters interact with animated ones, selling them products that literally blow up in their faces. But a "Men in Black-style" movie with no Looney Tunes characters? How can a film utilize the ACME company without incorporating the animated characters it so routinely decimates? It's not like Warner Bros. will have get buy the rights from someone else -- all of the characters live behind the Warner shield.

Of course, this is a film that is years away from getting made (if it gets made at all), so who knows exactly what's going happen or what will change or if someone is just pulling our collective leg. ACME is firmly embedded in popular culture and there's certainly a movie here. Now it's time for the waiting game.
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