We love jack-o-lanterns as much as the next blog, but obviously we're partial to those that are movie-themed. And there are a lot of them out there. Just in time for Halloween, we give you a bunch of creepy, ornate, and awesome pumpkins carved or painted by inspired movie geeks -- like the incredible Predator pumpkin above.

An 'Alien' gourd -- aka Ripley's believe it or not

This jack-o-lantern probably looks best at twilight.

Heeeeeere's Johnny!

And Alderaan is toast.


This one gives us 'Vertigo.'

Keeping it classic with the Bride of Frankenstein.

Painting this pumpkin wasn't child's play.

We can almost hear the voice ...

What -- didn't have time to carve the other four dwarves?

Pumpkin, pumpkin, on the stoop ...

A clear-cut 'Toy Story' tribute

More 'Toy Story' tomfoolery

The spitting image of Igor

This guy could've used a jigsaw to cut out Jigsaw.

Not-so-little mermaid.

Pour water on this one ...

... but whatever you do, don't get this one wet!

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