Another Halloween, another installment of 'Saw.' Only this time, the veteran slasher franchise has to compete with upstart 'Paranormal Activity 2.' Which one will scare up the bigger audience this Halloween weekend?

New and Noteworthy:'Saw 3-D'

Starring:Tobin Bell, Cary Elwes, Costas Mandylor, Betsy Russell, Sean Patrick Flanery
Directed by:Kevin Greutert
What It's About: In the seventh (and purportedly final) installment, one of Jigsaw's surviving victims (Flanery) leads a support group for others who survived his diabolical traps. But of course, the mayhem and murder aren't over yet.
Why Should You See It? Because the creative team behind 'Saw VI' is back, including director Greutert and writers Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton. Because Elwes, a veteran of the memorable first installment six years ago, is back as well. Because the torture devices and gore are in 3-D this time. And because this is supposedly your last chance to see a 'Saw' movie in a theater.
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Six Second Review: 'Saw 3-D'

In Limited Release

'Welcome to the Rileys' is a drama that marks a change of pace for Kristen Stewart, who plays a teenage stripper In New Orleans who's taken under the wing of a visiting businessman (James Gandolfini) bereaved after the death of his own daughter. Showtimes & Tickets
•'The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest' sees Noomi Rapace return as crusading hacker Lisbeth Salander in the final installment of the Swedish thrillers based on Stieg Larsson's bestselling 'Millennium' trilogy. Showtimes & Tickets

Still in Theaters, Still Awesome

'Paranormal Activity 2' - Scarier than the previous haunted house faux-documentary, or still just a gimmicky stunt? See it and decide. Showtimes & Tickets
•'Jackass 3D' - Like the new 'Saw,' it's a 3-D movie about a diabolical clown who devises fiendish contraptions in order to torture his carefully chosen victims. Only funnier. Showtimes & Tickets
'Conviction' - Is Hilary Swank on her way to a third Oscar? Maybe, judging by the word-of-mouth on this drama about a woman who spends 18 years working to free her wrongfully convicted brother. Showtimes & Tickets

Staying In This Weekend?

Sex and the City 2New on DVD This Week : For some fans of Carrie Bradshaw & Co., this summer's 'Sex and the City 2' was a fizzy throwback to the HBO series, a daffy frolic (with fabulous clothes and lush settings) of the sort that the much more serious 2008 film was not. For others, 'Sex 2' was too frivolous and superficial, even for these four frothy fashionistas. Then again, that may make it work even better on home video. Buy the DVD | More new DVD releases

Movie Homework, Part 1: Just in time for the release of 'The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest' comes the home video release of the second of the three Lisbeth Salander movies, 'The Girl Who Played with Fire.' Some fans consider this the best film of the trilogy. Buy the DVD

Movie Homework, Part 2: What's James Gandolfini been up to since 'The Sopranos' ended three years ago? Besides some Broadway work, he's etched some fine portraits in independent films, like this week's theatrical release 'Welcome to the Rileys,' or last year's global-political satire 'In the Loop.' Gandolfini has a supporting role as an American general wary of the buildup to a Middle Eastern war in this bitingly funny movie full of lines of dialogue that would be endlessly quotable if they weren't so profane. Buy or rent the DVD

On My Netflix Queue: Looking for a different kind of Halloween movie? Check out 1993's 'A Perfect World,' in which a fatherly Kevin Costner takes a little boy trick-or-treating. But Costner is also a killer on the run from lawman Clint Eastwood, and the boy is his hostage. Eastwood also directed this surprisingly low-key, tragic drama about innocence lost - and possibly regained. Buy or rent the DVD

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Welcome to the Rileys
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Seeking refuge in New Orleans, a salesman becomes a surrogate father to an underage stripper. Read More