While fans have dabbled in movie reenactments for years, the rise of YouTube has led to a surge in these kinds of productions. Actors, animators, comedians, stop-motion directors and just regular folks are turning out hundreds and hundreds of these videos a year.

Until recently, our knee-jerk reaction has been to ignore them completely, in the same way we always have pretended Civil War reenactments don't exist. However, due to the increasingly stiff competition for attention online, the medium has become a pseudo art form, allowing even more restrained fans like us to enjoy rehashes of our favorite movie scenes in ways we never would have expected.

After the jump, Moviefone rounds up ten of our favorite fan reenactments of movie scenes. Some are funny, some are impressive and some even make us like the source material a little more. So get ready to kill some time at work and watch some great videos made with a lot of love for film.

10. The interrogation of the Joker from 'The Dark Knight'
Fans of YouTuber Brandon Hardesty have dubbed him the Movie Reenactment Guy. Playing all the roles himself, he has recreated dozens of scenes from movies as diverse as 'Fight Club,' 'Jurassic Park,' 'Pulp Fiction,' 'Downfall' and more. But his homage to 'The Dark Knight' is one of his most popular videos, as well as his best effort. The voices are done so well that many viewers questioned whether he overdubbed them from the movie. Hardesty had to post a disclaimer that he did not.

9. 'Part of Your World' from 'Little Mermaid'
A brother and sister production team from Israel are behind this live-action, underwater lip-sync performance of the famous song from the Disney classic 'Little Mermaid.' They planned it meticulously for six months and spent two days shooting. The sister plays Ariel and must have been extremely tired after swimming like that over the better part of 48 hours.

8. Miracle Max scene from 'The Princess Bride'
Actor/producer Paul Klusman admits to loving two things: cats and Brandon Hardesty's work. He puts both affections on display in this video reenactment of the moment in which hero Westley must depend on his enemies and a crazy old man to save his life. Klusman plays two of the roles himself, while a variety of cats play the other roles.

7. Scenes from 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day'
YouTube user GameTube2008 reproduces popular mainstream content as homemade video games. However, he does it so well you'd think a whole team of programmers worked on it. We love how rigidly these two videos follow the original 'Terminator 2.' James Cameron would be proud.

6. The baseball scene from 'Twilight'
When the Cullen family of vampires decided to play baseball, it turned into one of the richest special-effects scenes in the first 'Twilight.' (Remember, that was before computer-generated wolves started popping up.) We think the people from Bad Eggs Productions do a great job recreating the scene's effects; however, Twi-hards can't stop commenting on how chubby Bella is, which led the actress herself to post a response online.

5. The opening scene from 'Toy Story'
As 'Toy Story' begins, the audience sees the world through Andy's eyes. We get to see the make-believe world of Woody saving Bo Peep from evil One-Eyed Bart. Chris Cross Media produced a live-action reenactment of what the scene would really look like outside of Pixar. He does a great job nailing it beat for beat.

4. The "Stella!" scene from 'A Streetcar Named Desire'
The annual Tennessee Williams New Orleans Literary Festival holds a contest to see which attendee can scream "Stella!" most like Marlon Brando in the famous scene from "A Streetcar Named Desire." While this isn't a traditional reenactment like the other videos on our list, it does seem to be one of the most fun for the people involved.

3. The theater run-out from 'The Blob'
Much like the reenactment in No. 4, this annual re-creation of the memorable running-from-the-theater sequence in the 1958 horror movie 'The Blob' looks like a blast to take part in. It happens each year at Blobfest, a quirky event held each fall in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, at the very theater used in the film. People dress in 1950s outfits and a few guys even try to mimic the hero played by Steve McQueen. Watch the 2010 recreation below.

2. The abbreviated 'Star Wars' trilogy
Animator Eric Power and musician Jeremy Messersmith decided to create a truly unique music video. Messersmith had written and recorded a song called 'Tatooine,' named after the fictional 'Star Wars' planet. To promote it, the duo re-created their favorite moments from the original three films in cut-out paper animation. It's sad, funny and oddly beautiful.

1. 'The Dark Knight' trailer
We know Lego recreations are very popular online with hundreds of fanatics out there. However, we just can't imagine there is a better one than this video for 'The Dark Knight.' It nails the trailer moment by moment. While watching it even now, we get butterflies like we did when the original came out.

The Dark Knight Trailer IN LEGO!!! from Keshen on Vimeo.

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