While fans have dabbled in movie reenactments for years, the rise of YouTube has led to a surge in these kinds of productions. Actors, animators, comedians, stop-motion directors and just regular folks are turning out hundreds and hundreds of these videos a year.

Until recently, our knee-jerk reaction has been to ignore them completely, in the same way we always have pretended Civil War reenactments don't exist. However, due to the increasingly stiff competition for attention online, the medium has become a pseudo art form, allowing even more restrained fans like us to enjoy rehashes of our favorite movie scenes in ways we never would have expected.

After the jump, Moviefone rounds up ten of our favorite fan reenactments of movie scenes. Some are funny, some are impressive and some even make us like the source material a little more. So get ready to kill some time at work and watch some great videos made with a lot of love for film.
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