Aaron SorkinHere's a bit of odd news for you: 'Social Network' scribe Aaron Sorkin has been tapped to write the script for the upcoming Harry Houdini Broadway musical, starring Hugh Jackman.

According to EW.com, Sorkin is just one of many famous names joining the project. Also on the list: Danny Elfman, Glenn Slater, and Jack O'Brien.

The musical, of course, has long been plagued by delays, though Elfman now tells EW that the musical could hit the Great White Way in early 2012.
"Right now Aaron Sorkin is writing," he said. "He's writing away, and we all have high hopes that Aaron's going to come through and do some good stuff."

A reading for the musical is scheduled for January.

Sorkin, who is favored to win an Oscar for 'The Social Network,' last appeared on Broadway in 2007, with 'The Farnsworth Invention.' He also penned 'A Few Good Men' in 1989, which he later adapted for the big screen, in 1992.

The idea of Hugh Jackman speed-talking his way through this musical has definitely piqued our interest in this project. But just in case you aren't sold, check out these clips from Jackman's debut Broadway bow, 'The Boy From Oz,' for which he won a Best Actor Tony in 2003.

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