Eli Roth is at it again with, you probably guessed it, another horror film. According to TheWrap, the man behind 'Hostel' and 'Cabin Fever' is reteaming with his 'The Last Exorcism' co-producer, Eric Newman, to get the film 'Psycho Killer' up and running at StudioCanal, the studio that produced 'The Last Exorcism.' After that $2 million production went on to gross more than $40 million domestically, it's no surprise StudioCanal agreed to fully finance 'Psycho Killer.'

The script comes from Andrew Kevin Walker who's responsible for 'The Wolfman,' 'Sleepy Hollow' and 'Se7en.' For the first 20% of his story, the audience will follow the titular character, a nameless and masked psycho killer who amasses a large body count across the United States. While in Nebraska, he winds up killing a highway patrolman while his fellow officer, who's also his wife, watches from a distance. The remaining 80% of the film is split between the cop and the killer until they collide in a gory climax.
'Zombieland' producer Gavin Polone is already on board to make his directorial debut, but a cast has yet to be solidified. Casting is currently underway and the producers are aiming for an actress on the rise, but with a familiar face. The budget is expected to fall within the $13 to $17 million range and be put to use when filming begins in late spring in Michigan. StudioCanal will sell the worldwide rights at the American Film Market.

For any fan of the horror genre, it's quite obvious this is one to keep an eye on. Walker doesn't always deliver, but based on 'Se7en' alone, he clearly has the capabilities to do so. As for Polone, it's impossible to gauge what he has to offer having never been behind a camera. However, even with sure things in either department, the fact that Roth is keeping an eye on this one is extremely comforting. It's plain and simple; he knows good horror. On top of that, he knows how to cast. The female character's age has yet to be announced, but if she's in her 20s, it could be interesting to see his 'Last Exorcism' star, Ashley Bell, play a character who isn't possessed by a demon.

It's also a rather fresh perspective to see a woman on the hunt, especially for 80% of the film. A large majority of female horror heroines only take matters into their hands and fight back in the film's final act. We're long overdue for a female to cheer for, someone fighting for good. The closest we've had to this in recent years is Alice of the 'Resident Evil' series. But, as enjoyable as it is to watch Milla Jovovich run around putting bullets through zombies' heads, it's something a bit more realistic we're lacking, someone like Clarice Starling of 'Silence of the Lambs.'

Who would you like to see the 'Psycho Killer' heroine take after?
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