The American Film Market started yesterday in Santa Monica, California and fans of the movie based on Konami's uber popular survival horror franchise, 'Silent Hill,' may be interested in learning that a director has been tapped for the long-awaited sequel -- and he's a horror guy.

STYD learned that 'Death Watch' and 'Solomon Kane' director Michael J. Bassett will be helming 'Silent Hill: Revelations,' which is headed for 3D territory. The protagonist is none other than Heather Mason, the main character in the third game, who heads to Silent Hill to investigate the disappearance of her father after a nightmare begins to haunt her before her 18th birthday. No one knows how closely the film will actually follow the game's plot, or if any of the first movie's cast will be making a return.
The second installment of the series was more popular than the third, but it was a standalone story. It's hard to say if they're setting this one up for future sequels -- mainly because the first film was released in 2006 and so much time has passed. While 'Silent Hill' was visually interesting, the story didn't translate very well from game to screen. Bassett's experience with the Robert E. Howard character in 'Solomon Kane' and other dark tales may make him a good match to bring the creepy and atmospheric game series to the big screen, but in a perfect world Guillermo Del Toro or Juan Antonio Bayona would be behind the camera on this one. What do you think? Can Bassett get to the heart of what makes 'Silent Hill' so compelling and make it work in another medium, or is this destined to be another in a long line of subpar videogame movies?
Silent Hill
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