James FrancoRemember that summer news about the Bourne franchise getting a new film? Back in June, word hit that director and screenwriter Tony Gilroy -- of 'Michael Clayton' and 'Duplicity' fame -- was going to write and direct a fourth entry in the series, tentatively titled 'The Bourne Legacy.' Obviously, this is a new continuation outside of Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass -- both of whom wiped their hands of the world after 'The Bourne Ultimatum.'

We already know Damon won't be returning for 'Legacy', and that while the film will still remain in a universe that includes the Jason Bourne character (in a way that might open it up for Damon to return in a future installment), this next sequel will star a whole new character. But which actor will take over for Damon? Well, consider the rumor mill officially open for business, as the NY Post is reporting that during an after-party for James Franco's new Oscar buzz-worthy '127 Hours,' Tony Gilroy "made a beeline for Franco, asking to be introduced to him." Of course, Gilroy could be a fan, but this is Hollywood, and business never completely rests.
Picking Franco would give a new twist to the franchise while sticking with the unlikely star aspect. Matt Damon was a surprising choice for Bourne, but turned out to have an inner action hero buried inside him. Franco would likely give the character a more charismatic twist, while potentially revealing further acting talents. Let's face it -- 'Howl' and now '127 Hours' are showing a different side of Franco, who's more than just a freak with the geeks.

Do you think Franco could be a worthy replacement? If not Franco, who should be the next Bourne?
The Bourne Legacy
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A specially enhanced government agent (Jeremy Renner) goes on the run when his life may be forfeit. Read More

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