It's a big week for releases as we inch closer to the holiday movie season. Everything from raunchy R-rated comedies to CGI superhero family-films to true-life political thrillers are vying for your dollar. Which one will take the top spot at the box office this weekend?

New and Noteworthy: 'Due Date'

Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Zach Galifianakis, Jamie Foxx
Directed by: Todd Phillips
What's It About? RDJ plays a high-strung father-to-be, who's trying to get across the country in time for the birth of his son. The simple road trip goes wildly out of control thanks to his travel buddy, an oddball aspiring actor played by oddball successful actor Zach Galifianakis.
Why Should You See It? Zach G. and director Todd Phillips are the kings of movie comedies these days, thanks to last year's phenomenon, 'The Hangover.' The only way the pair could follow up that movie's success was by snagging the most charismatic man in Hollywood to join them. Watching the insanity unfold between Iron Man and the 'Between Two Ferns' talk show host is set to be the biggest buddy-comedy team-up in recent history.
You Might Like It If You Like: 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles,''The Odd Couple' with more swearing, a not-college-set version of Phillips' 'Road Trip.'

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Also New: 'Megamind'

Starring: Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Brad Pitt
Directed by: Tom McGrath
What's It About? Ferrell voices the big-brained super-villain Megamind, who -- after he finally defeats his mortal enemy, the smug superhero Metro Man (Pitt) -- begins to realize that taking over the world is no fun, if you don't have a dashing hero to do battle with. Along with his inadvertent hostage (Fey) by his side, Megamind's attempts to fix everything might end up becoming the biggest threat to humanity yet. And the super-villain may be forced to become the one thing he's always hated: a super-hero who must save the day.
Why Should You See It? The Dreamworks comedy-adventure boasts an all-star voice cast of comedic talent, and there's a lot of superhero cliches to lampoon. Beyond the one-liners and sight gags, the film's Metro City landscape and it's caped crusaders are animated in eye-popping, rainbow-colored 3D.
You Might Like It If You Like: 'The Incredibles,''Despicable Me,' rooting for Dr. Evil against Austin Powers.

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'For Colored Girls'

Starring: Janet Jackson, Loretta Devine, Thandie Newton
Directed by: Tyler Perry
What's It About? Tyler Perry adapts the award-winning play, an anthology of stories starring eight African-American women dealing with a variety of personal and controversial conflicts. The eclectic cast is filled with a bevy of powerhouse acting talents from stage and screen.
Why Should You See It? Since its 1975 stage premiere, 'For Colored Girls' has remained an enduring success in theater, literature and television. But trying to adapt the play's abstract, poetic style has not been without controversy. Tyler Perry, with his prolific (one-man) empire, has been considered an odd choice for directing the film adaptation. For Perry and his fans, this film is shaping up to become his riskiest movie attempt yet.
You Might Like It If You Like: 'Waiting to Exhale,' the Tyler Perry filmography, or you've been waiting to see Phylicia Rashad on the big screen after taking the Tony Awards by storm.

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In Limited Release

'127 Hours'
James Franco and director Danny Boyle team up to tell the true story of Aron Ralston, the mountain climber who was forced to amputate his own arm, after getting trapped under a boulder. The film is already getting Oscar buzz, and when it's not busy receiving standing ovations, it's calling paramedics to theaters for audience members who can't handle the films' graphic accuracy of the claustrophobic nightmare scenario.
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'Fair Game'
The second true-story movie opening this week stars Naomi Watts as Valerie Plame, the former CIA officer, whose covert identity was leaked as a political maneuver during the ongoing war in Iraq. The film's mix of true accounts with tense political suspense is getting good reviews, and we're positive that the film's subject matter and its co-star Sean Penn won't incite heated internet comments, whatsoever.
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'Four Lions'

This indie -- the first title distributed by Austin's Drafthouse Films -- is, believe it or not, a comedy about terrorism. And according to reviews just like our own, it's pitch-black, "powerfully intelligent" and pretty great.
Exclusive red-band clip | 'Four Lions' review

Still In Theaters, Still Awesome
'Saw 3D' If you're weren't ready to say goodbye to Halloween, check out the final installment of the long-running torture series -- now with blood and guts flying out of the screen. Showtimes & Tickets
'Paranormal Activity 2' On the flip side of the coin, if you're more into slow and spooky scares, then this documentary-style haunted house movie is still taking the box office by storm. Showtimes & Tickets

Staying In This Weekend?

New on DVD This Week: If you just happened to miss out on one of the best movies of the summer (and the year and the decade and possibly ever), get 'Toy Story 3' on DVD, and see what all the fuss is about. In a year of disappointing box office, this movie captured everyone's attention, not just because it was good, but because it was really good. It's funny, it's bittersweet and for a generation of kids who grew up with the original Pixar success, it's the perfect coda to a world of childhood imagination. It's the highest-grossing film of the year, the biggest animated film of all time and it achieved the rare feat of being a movie trilogy that never gets bad. Grab it now, because once the holidays hit, it will be sold out for months. Buy the DVD | More new DVD releases

Movie Homework
: 'Due Date' picks up the odd-couple road-trip torch that 'Planes, Train and Automobiles' lit in 1987. Starring Steve Martin and John Candy as an uptight business-man and a goofy shower-curtain-ring salesman, the pair must get from New York to Chicago in time for Thanksgiving. Their mismatched outlooks lead them onto a path dominated by Murphy's Law. With the legendary John Hughes at the helm, it features Candy and Martin at their comedic peaks. Buy or Rent the DVD

On My Netflix Queue: If the stores are already sold out of 'Toy Story 3' but you've got animation on the brain, you should check out last year's 'The Fantastic Mr. Fox' from director Wes Anderson. Adapting the Roald Dahl children's classic with his trademark twee style, Anderson's stop-motion adventure stars a conniving, smooth-talking Mr. Fox (voiced by George Clooney) who plans an elaborate underground heist on the local farm. The film didn't capture a huge audience upon its release last year, but its harvest look, funny family message and obsession with food make it the perfect movie for the Thanksgiving season. Buy or Rent the DVD
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