Whatever happened to Peter and Bobby Farrelly? One minute, they're making 'Dumb and Dumber' and 'There's Something About Mary' and doing a pretty good job of defining a new generation of raunchy, gross-out comedy, and then 'Osmosis Jones' happens to them. And 'Shallow Hal.' And 'Fever Pitch.' And finally, 'The Heartbreak Kid,' which may not have been a nail in the coffin, but it was definitely a nice solid kick to their careers' shin.

Well, they've had a few years to lick to their wounds and now they've returned to the cinematic scene, bringing with them a trailer for their newest opus, 'Hall Pass.' It's a simple enough premise: two women give their bumbling husbands a week-long "hall pass" to pretend they're not married and do whatever, and presumably whomever, they want. Complications and hijinks and poop jokes ensue.

For better or for worse, it certainly looks like a Farrelly brothers production. Better because it's refreshing to see filmmakers stick to their guns and not force themselves to imitate Judd Apatow or Todd Phillips because that's what's hot right now. Worse because it's not a particularly funny trailer and has maybe only one or two viable gags, tops. Honestly, this 2011 comedy looks like a forgettable mid-90s release that's desperately trying to capitalize on the popularity of the Farrelly style instead of an actual Peter and Bobby Farrelly film.

'Hall Pass' hits February 25, 2011 and stars the talented but consistently underutilized Owen Wilson and the funny but comedic-lead-untested Jason Sudeikis. They're supported by Stephen Merchant, Richard Jenkins, Jenna Fischer, Alyssa Milano and Christina Applegate, so at the very least, we can assume that the Farrelly's still know how to cast a movie with completely watchable actors.
Hall Pass
R 2011
Based on 36 critics

Two men get permission from their wives to spend one week doing whatever they please. Read More