Bruce WillisDiamonds may be a girl's best friend, but they always seem to invite trouble when men try to steal them. By that standard, Bruce Willis may find himself in a heap of trouble in 'Set Up,' an upcoming action movie that is set to star Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. Willis is "in talks" to star, as is Paul Walker, according to Variety, which means they may or may not end up in the film.

'Set Up' revolves around a group of friends who get caught up in a diamond heist that turns deadly. Mike Gunther, a veteran stunt coordinator whose credits include 'Live Free and Die Hard,' will write and direct. Willis is coming off his lead role in 'Red,' a supporting part in 'The Expendables,' and co-starring duties with Tracy Morgan in 'Cop Out,' all of which have performed moderately to very well at the box office. Willis is an indefatigable workhorse of an action star, making the most out of whatever script he's handed, while burnishing his charming, "ordinary guy" screen persona with every role, so the prospect of his making another action movie is not very surprising. What's more interesting is what's happening with 50 Cent.
We reported earlier this year on 'Things Fall Apart,' for which he dropped a lot of weight to play a man battling cancer, and also 'Gun,' based on his screenplay, an action movie about arms dealers that co-stars Val Kilmer. Jackson is involved with a team that's arranged $200 million in funding for 10 films.

'Set Up' is the first title due out, and securing Willis to star would bring added prestige and a higher international profile. We haven't seen 50 Cent act very much so far, but Willis usually makes his co-stars look good, and that could be the difference in transforming 'Set Up' from "direct to video" to "want to see on a big screen."
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