Harrison FordDuring an interview for his upcoming film 'Morning Glory' starring Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford talked for the first time about the prequels to the iconic original 'Star Wars' trilogy.

Ford, who played roguish Han Solo in the films, said he hasn't seen all of the prequels, the first of which, 'Episode I: The Phantom Menace,' came out over a decade ago.

Though the original 'Star Wars' films are beloved, the new movies created by director George Lucas faced much criticism for bad dialogue and stiff acting from leading man Hayden Christensen. Most 'Star Wars' fans hated them, so what did the "scruffy nerfherder" himself think?

Based on his diplomatic answers ... Don't worry, Han; we didn't like Jar Jar Binks either.
I don't know if anyone has ever asked you this, but have you seen the 'Star Wars' prequels?

Um, the prequels? Yes. I have. Some, some of them. I haven't seen them all. I've seen some of them, yes.

Was it weird to watch them having been in the originals?

No, no. I understand what's going on, you know, and I appreciate that they're a different kind of film for a different generation of film-goers than the films that we did, the three that I was involved in. So it wasn't really weird.

Did you like them?

Now you're asking me trick questions.
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