Dreamworks Animation is in a strange, interesting position right now. Long considered by many movie fans to be the crass, Hollywood-assembly-line counterpoint to the geniuses at Pixar, the animation studio has been turning heads and garnering some pretty impressive critical notices as of late. The recently-released 'Megamind' earned generally favorable reviews and many sane, competent movie buffs and critics have gone on a seemingly blasphemous record to declare 'How To Train Your Dragon' better than 'Toy Story 3'.

This upswing in quality can be traced back to 2008's 'Kung Fu Panda' which, despite belonging to the long played out Star-Studded Wacky Anthropomorphic Talking Animal subgenre, managed stand head and shoulders above similar Dreamworks projects like 'Over the Hedge,' the 'Madagascar' films, 'Shark Tale' and the last few 'Shrek' movies.

Which brings us to the reason why you probably clicked on this article in the first place: the teaser trailer for 'Kung Fu Panda 2: The Kaboom of Doom' has hit these here world wide webs for your viewing pleasure. It's a minute long and offers no plot details to speak of (it's more of an announcement, really), but it has a "Panda Jack Black's digestive track is funny!" gag for the kiddies and a slightly experimental closing gag involving a staring contest for the snobs. Watch it yourself after the jump.

Now that you've watched it, give yourself a minute or two to brood over this vital question: now that Dreamworks Animation realizes that audiences have a tendency to respond favorably to great characters and strong storytelling, will they keep it up? Or does the very existence of a sequel to 'Kung Fu Panda' so soon after the original reflect a return to their ways of old? Be as optimistic or as cynical as you like in the comments below as you answer that question.
Kung Fu Panda 2
PG 2011
Based on 31 critics

A formidable villain's plan to conquer China threatens Po's (Jack Black) new life of awesomeness. Read More

May 31, 2016
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