Mr. T Drawing Day. It all started innocently enough. "Mr. T is incredibly hard to draw, you guys," tweeted artist Scott Campbell (@scottlava on Twitter, perhaps best known for 'Great Showdowns'). Minutes later he threw down the gauntlet: "Let's see your Mr. T's! Let's make this Mr. T drawing day!"

And with that a hashtag and a holiday were born. I jumped on it immediately, urging friends to get in on #MrTDrawingDay, and while a couple of folks I know participated, it paled in comparison to the amount of interest Campbell himself was able to work up. He's got all sorts of Mr. T's now -- stick figures, hilarious sketches, minimalist cartoons, and off-beat puns. He's got everything but a Mr. T by Mr. T himself.

Consider this your digital Louvre, filled with priceless Mr. T portraits. For your pleasure, I've included all of the entries under the tag (with the exception of pieces that weren't downloadable), along with the artists' twitter names (I'm @gholson). Mr. T, famous for his roles in 'Rocky III' and TV's 'The A-Team,' remains a larger-than-life icon of manliness and moral strength, years after his glory days as an actor. He's fully deserving of immortalization via Twitter, so get out your pens and draw!

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