Where else can Steve Carell's awkwardness go?

He's played a '40-Year-Old Virgin,' became 'Almighty' before finding a 'Real Life' and running an 'Office,' whilst having not only a 'Date Night,' but also partaking in a 'Dinner for Schmucks.' In other words, Carell has taken his brand of comedy to many avenues since he hit it big with 'Virgin.'

But now he's about to head into a whole new arena of entertainment. After starring in writer Dan Fogelman's upcoming 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' about a father trying to manage his children during a marital crisis, he's re-teaming with the writer for a rock-n-roll offspring story called 'Imagine,' which will be the scribe's directorial debut.
Vulture hears that Carell is planning to team up with Fogelman on 'Imagine,' which would focus on when "a sixty-something Bruce Springsteen-type rocker discovers a long-unopened letter addressed to him from John Lennon; after reading it, he's shocked to learn that he actually fathered a son, who'd be played by Carell." Just how the Beatles legend knows about the rocker's love life is anyone's guess, as is how Carell will turn out. (Is there a possibility this will be anything other than a rocker trying to deal with his goofy and weird son? And will he be born in the U.S.A.?)

Dan Fogelman, meanwhile, is quickly moving up the Hollywood food chain. After establishing himself as a family fare scribe with 'Cars,' 'Fred Claus,' 'Bolt' and 'Tangled,' he's got two Steve Carell productions on his plate -- even if one is having some punctuation difficulties.

That same report states that 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' is getting a slight name change after focus groups reacted to the commas like an allergic kid bathing in peanuts. The remedy: Instead of commas, the flick will now be called: 'Crazy. Stupid. Love.' ... unless the periods also get axed.

We're only two steps away from an all-out name change to "I Want to Hold You in (Parathenses)." Bring on the grammatical fun!
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