Fashion designer Tom Ford won raves last year for his directoral debut, 'A Single Man,' about a depressed gay professor living in Southern California in the early 1960s. But does he have plans to make another movie anytime soon?

Moviefone posed that very question yesterday to someone close to Ford: none other than actor Colin Firth, who earned an Oscar nomination and other accolades for his brilliant turn in the independent film.

"I do know that he has plans to make another movie," revealed Firth during an interview to promote his new movie, 'The King's Speech.' "I consider him a very good friend, but he won't give anything away to me about what the film is. I know, whatever it is, it's gonna be very different from 'A Single Man.' I'm jealous of whoever's going to be in it."

And will that person be him?
Probably not. As Firth explains: "I have a feeling it's just not [going to be] set in the right place, with the right requirements."

'The King's Speech' opens in limited release on Nov. 26. Stay tuned for more from a longer interview with Firth, as well as chats with costar Helena Bonham Carter and director Tom Hooper.
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