Movies are becoming turducken. Not content to be just turkey, the turkey is stuffed with a duck. And that duck? Stuffed with roast chicken. Three meats, perfectly tasty in their own right, frankensteined together into a poultry monstrosity that is ever so slowly becoming an honest-to-goodness Holiday tradition. It's overkill; to paraphrase 'The Brak Show' it's "death by deliciosity."

When I first saw the trailer for Zack Snyder's upcoming 'Sucker Punch' I thought it looked like a Pussycat Dolls' music video, only with dragons. And samurai. And Nazis. And did I see a zombie in there? There's a brand new trailer now, released just this week, with a little bit more of the story revealed (a girl in an asylum lives out her escape plan through a mental fantasy -- maybe?), but it's still a hodge-podge of images from adolescent geek playground. It's a Playstation game come to life, and that's not a knock, just the truth.

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