In a move that's sure to make at least four actresses unhappy, Warner Bros. has let it be known that a half-dozen ladies are now being considered for a pair of roles in Christopher Nolan's highly anticipated Batman movie 'The Dark Knight Rises.' According to Deadline, they'll need ladies for a) a Bruce Wayne love interest, and b) a villainess. It's safe to say that Maggie Gyllenhaal and Katie Holmes are out of the running, but here's the list of who is being favored right now.
-- Anne Hathaway
-- Keira Knightley
-- Blake Lively
-- Natalie Portman
-- Naomi Watts
-- Rachel Weisz

Best guess is that it'll be one of the first four as the love interest, and one of the final two as the (inevitably sexy) female villain. Call it a hunch. At least we can say this much: Nolan and his casting directors have fine taste in women. 'The Dark Knight' will return on July 20, 2012. Be patient.

What do you think of this Batman short list? Let us know.
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