The Venice and Toronto Film Festivals got a big dose of Mordechai Richler this past September with the first screenings of 'Barney's Version,' the Paul Giamatti-led dark comedy/mystery/romance based on the famous Canadian writer's final novel. Now as the film gears up for its limited theatrical release on Christmas Eve (before expanding across the country on January 14), it's time for a new trailer.

The first was a spunky teaser that relied on the sarcasm and comedy present in the feature. The second did a heck of a job laying out the dueling aspects of laughter and romance, but it also revealed key moments of the film from beginning to end. Now Sony Pictures is amping up the whimsy and romance for this latest selection that lays out the ingredients without revealing the ultimate recipe.

Yahoo Movies has released the latest and most polished trailer for the film, which has sanded down the snark to capture that romance-antsy market. But don't be mistaken, though Barney's driven by romance, this is prime Giamatti sarcasm and quirk, invigorated by a murderous sub plot that adds an air of mystery to the proceedings.

The film focuses focuses on the long love life of a producer named Barney Panofsky. His bad judgment -- exacerbated by his socially inappropriate father (Dustin Hoffman) and carefree ladies' man best friend (Scott Speedman) -- leads him down a rocky path of love. First, he marries out of pregnant necessity in Europe (the role Rachelle Lefevre lost 'Eclipse' for), before finding a nice Jewish bride (Minnie Driver) in Montreal who leads him to his true love (Rosamund Pike) at the most inappropriate time -- their wedding night. Barney must try to get out of his marriage and win the heart of his true love, whilst dealing with the growing separation between himself and his best friend. And it's all told towards the end of his life, as one ex-detective writes a tell-all book about him.

This is Barney's version of the events, so the tale is also rife with his personal bias and memory constraints. (Though the novel's fans should be aware that the unreliable narrator angle is minimized here.) What he feels passionate and positive about become idyllic, and what he loathes quickly becomes negative, almost evil influences to his bumbling hero.

Check out our -- very positive -- review right here and stay tuned for the film in the coming months.