Word from the midnight screenings of 'Skyline' was, er, mixed, to say the very least. The film's defenders say it's silly and disposable but tons of goofy fun while its detractors, like Cinematical's own Peter Hall, have proclaimed it "barely worthy of basic cable" (read Peter's full review here). Whether you liked 'Skyline' or not, we live in a wonderful world where we only have to wait until March to get the next Aliens Blast the Bejeezus Out of the Human Race motion picture, in the form of 'Battle: Los Angeles,' which finds a squad of Marines led by Aaron Eckhart taking on a nasty extraterrestrial threat in a vicious ground war on the streets of Los Angeles.
It's a set-up we've seen before -- heck, we see virtually the same thing in this weekend's 'Skyline' -- but if the two trailers that hit the internet today are any indication, director Jonathan Liebesman's 'Battle: Los Angeles' could be a very cool, very big movie. The domestic trailer is dialogue-free, creepy and evocative, an absolute master class in trailer cutting that portrays the sheer terror of an alien invasion rather than supplying an endless series of explosions and special effects shots. The international trailer is a bit more conventional, but it suggests a broader, global scope only hinted at in the more subtle North American teaser.

'Battle: Los Angeles' hits theaters on March 11, 2011. Watch the domestic trailer below, and the international trailer over at Collider.

Battle: Los Angeles
PG-13 2011
Based on 35 critics

A Marine officer (Aaron Eckhart) and his platoon make a daring stand against alien invaders. Read More