Before Natalie Portman's career re-exploded, with her grabbing a gig in 'Thor,' stunning audiences with 'Black Swan' and finding her name linked to a huge pile of new features, Portman was increasing her presence behind the camera. She had created her own production shingle, was looking to direct Amos Oz's 'A Take of Love and Darkness' and helmed a short in last year's 'New York, I Love You.'

Though acting seemed to derail those passions for a few years, the creative juices are once again bubbling to the surface. New reports reveal that Portman is eager to add feature screenwriter to her resume, and the name of her script -- 'BYO.'
LA Times' 24 Frames reports that Portman has been shopping around a "ribald comedy" script with friend Laura Moses. Titled 'BYO' -- for "Bring Your Own" -- the project details "two very different twentysomething women who, after finding themselves unlucky in love, decide to throw a party to which each female attendee brings an eligible bachelor." They're one hop, skip and jump away from the 'Sex and the City' episode that featured a party designed for women to pawn off the guys they don't want to date onto someone else, but the film is, instead, being described as a female 'Superbad.'

Portman plans to star in one of the roles, and sources say that Anne Hathaway is interested in the second lead. However, though there's interest from one of Hollywood's leading romantic ladies, several studios have reportedly passed already, so this could back out of Hollywood quickly and become an indie feature.

Prior to this script, Portman's behind-the-scenes work was very linked to her Jewish roots. 'Darkness' was to detail the early days of Jerusalem as a Jewish state, while her segment in 'New York' had her starring as a young Hasidic woman about to get married. Perhaps she's going the DIY route -- make the typical film Hollywood loves, pull together some money and then create the passion projects that are harder to fund.

Either way, are you ready for a ribald femme comedy concocted by Ms. Portman?
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